I don’t have a 26-digit code printed on my receipt ? What should I do ?

If you do not find 26-digit McDonalds survey code printed on receipt, Please check the survey code is miss-printed or disappeared on the receipt. If the Survey code doesn’t appear on the printed receipt, please do the following step by step procedure carefully. Visit the www.mcdvoice.com, then tap on the hyperlink “I don’t have a 26-digit code printed on your receipt ? click here

Enter the Following Details from the McDonald’s receipt

  • Store (Get the 5 digit Store-ID)
  • KS ( Get the KS number mostly single digit)
  • Date of Visit (Please select date in DD/MM/YY format)
  • Time of Visit (Choose the time you had visited the store ie., HH : MM format)
  • Order (Write the order number on the bill)
  • Amount Spent (Enter the amount in $ dollars. Ex: $12.47)

Hope all the above details are printed on your receipt. After Entering the details, Please click on Start button. On Clicking the button, you’ll start participating in the McDonalds Survey.